Due to the extremely cold weather recently, we’ve been expressing the importance of drain-downs and protecting your caravans on our social media. We know we probably sound like a broken record, but a burst pipe can cause a lot of damage and it is better to be safe and prepared.

How to check if you have a burst pipe

With more Winter weather already forecast, we are advising our clients to prepare their caravans for the end of the season.

There are a few things you can do to check if you have frozen pipes. If you are unable to complete these checks please reach out to Gail and Paul who can advise.

  • Turn off your stop tap by turning it clockwise, take care when turning it back on. If the tap does not turn easily it may still be frozen, forcing it back on could cause additional problems if it snaps, so wait for it to thaw.
  • Once you have turned your stop tap off, turn on your cold tap in the kitchen.
  • If you have no water, this could be due to a frozen pipe somewhere in your caravan. If this is the case, let Gail and Paul know and they will pass forward the details of our Authorised Gas Safe Registered Plumber for further assistance.

Drain down and avoid the stress of a burst pipe

Unfortunately, when a burst pipe occurs there is only so much of the situation you can control, this is why we stress the importance of drain downs before you leave your caravan for the end of the season. It is the caravan owner’s responsibility to ensure any bursts are dealt with as soon as possible, to avoid loss of metered water.

Take these simple steps to drain down your caravan:

  • Turn your stop tap off by turning it clockwise.
  • Turn on the taps in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Put a special type of anti-freeze in the toilet (made from propylene glycol) regular anti-freeze contains ethylene glycol which is toxic and corrosive to sewage pipelines.
  • Wait until the water has drained down from the taps completely, even little drips.

Check the small print

Along with following the drain-down procedure, It’s always a good idea to check your insurance documents for exclusions and conditions for unoccupied periods. Many insurers exclude from their standard cover any loss or damage from water freezing if the caravan is unoccupied during the period from 31st October to 1st March unless specified precautions have been put in place.

For more useful information regarding drain downs and re-connecting to the water supply, please visit our Helpful Hints page on our website.