Frequently Asked Questions

questionHow do I go about buying a new static caravan?

Firstly, contact the park warden to arrange a visit. Once you have had a good look round and had your questions answered, if you think that Millbrook is the kind of caravan park that you would be happy at, choose which of our vacant plots is the most suitable for you. Then, pay a visit to one or more of our approved sales agents to choose your ideal holiday home.

There may be a new caravan from one of our sales agents already sited on a plot. If it meets your requirements, you may be able start enjoying your new holiday home within a couple of weeks.

questionHow long can I keep the caravan on the park?

All new clients, and existing clients who purchase a new caravan, are required to sign a licence agreement which lasts for 15 years.

questionHow much does it cost to keep my caravan at Millbrook?

Park charges are reviewed annually at the start of February, and includes water and sewerage, waste management, local authority rates and VAT. Contact the warden for further details.

In addition, you will need to factor in to your calculations the costs of insurance, bottled gas and metered electricity.

questionIs Millbrook open all year round?

Not quite; we close the caravan park from January 4th to March 1st. Our season for touring caravans finishes at the end of October.

questionCan I live in my holiday home?

No; caravans at our park can be used for holiday purposes only. This means the caravan cannot be someone’s main residence. Similarly, you cannot run a business from your caravan or use it as a base from which to commute to your place of work or education.

questionCan I let out my holiday home?

No; the licence agreement restricts the use of the caravan to yourself and your close family members. We have this rule because our holiday home owners want the caravan park to maintain its quiet, relaxed ambience.

questionAre dogs allowed on the caravan park?

Yes, subject to a maximum of 2 per caravan, provided that they do not cause a nuisance to other people on the caravan park.